Harlingen Singel

This is the singel that surrounds the star fort town of Harlingen. I sat at the top of singel in the English Gardens to capture one of manually operated bridges that allows boats to enter. Gouache 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ on hot pressed paper.

2 thoughts on “Harlingen Singel”

  1. Hello Norma, saw you from a high side painting the bridge, and before you left I grabbed my bike and had a quick view of it and a warm talk with you..
    The bright colours are so beautiful and the water is liquid, just as it is, in early days this bridge was one of the six city gates to enter Harlingen..
    Greetings, Willemke (also the name of our ship)

    • Hello Willemke and Nico!
      Yes, it was so good that you stopped to talk. It is always good to speak with someone from the area you paint because it offers more depth and insight to the place and people. Thank you for your lovely comments and the information on the bridge.
      You have a beautiful boat!
      All the best,

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