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Everyday aspects of life are opportunities to paint. My approach is to paint outdoors in plein air where capturing the light, mood and colours of the landscape represent the biggest challenges. The changing light limits painting sessions to a few hours and repeat visits to a location may be required to capture the initial inspiration. Still life scenes are impacted in the same way using natural light. Landscapes perpetually change due to time of day and events at a location. For me, painting outside means you must feel the environment around you if you wish to be successful in capturing the emotion of the place and day.

In my early years, I painted wall murals in Florida, U.S.A. while studying art. Later my career took another direction towards the technology industry. During this period, I continued to pursue art, painting with water colors, pen and ink drawing in addition to ceramic sculpture. I have been painting outside in plein air using oil paints for almost twenty years. Since 2014, I have been a full-time artist painting in the great outdoors at the coast and Sierra Nevada mountains in California in addition to Alaska, Colorado and Europe. More recently, I paint landscapes in Gozo Malta where I now reside and summers in the Netherlands.

My paintings are periodically on exhibit in Gozo and Malta. In 2022 I was ‘The Artist in Residence” for February at the 5 Star Phoenicia Hotel in Floriana, Malta. I have exhibited at Il-Ħaġar Museum and the Cittadella in Victoria, Gozo.For many years, I participated in Art in the Open event in Wexford Ireland which is the largest plein air event in Europe. I have sold multiple paintings created during this event at the concluding exhibitions. I was an invited artist at Schilderfestival in Noordwijk to paint en plein air, participant in a Collective Art Exhibit in Mosta. Paintings have been also been in one woman exhibits in North Lake Tahoe Cobalt Gallery, a local café off Lombard Street in San Francisco, and El Dorado County Library in South Lake Tahoe. Previously my paintings and sculptures were on display and sold in Nevada at Village Interiors, Incline Village and Artsy Art Gallery, Carson City. I have also had paintings commissioned for wineries in Sonoma, California.

I have taken five ten-day workshops in France and Estonia with French artist Antonin Passemard and Russian artist Anastasia Dukhanina. During these workshops I have sold paintings to locals in the region. In 2016, I painted in the North Tahoe Plein Air event and my painting of ‘Sand Harbor’ was the featured piece advertising the event in the Tahoe Weekly newspaper. Painting with famed colourist Camille Przewodek in two-week long colour boot camp sessions along with her “Mondays with Camille” has helped build my colour focus. Irish workshops included painting alongside Leon Holmes, Antonin Passemard, Mark Delassio, Natalia Dik, and Ned Mueller. I spent nine years assisting the Lake Tahoe Art League planning, leading critiques and painting in weekly plein air.

I have collectors in the United States, Australia, Malta, Ireland, France and the Netherlands.

Thanks for your time and I do hope you enjoy looking at my work!


Malta Society of the Arts, California Plein Air Painters, Malta Life Drawing

9 thoughts on “About the Artist”

  1. Dear Ms Cili,

    Please note that one month ago we had visited your art exhibition at the Hagar Museum in Victoria Gozo and had booked the painting entitled ‘Broken Windmill’. We hope to visit Gozo (where we own an apartment) as soon as the issue with Covid-19 eases off and we would like to visit your art studio to purchase the painting. Can you please give us your contact details so that we would be able to reach you to make the necessary arrangements?

    Thanks and regards

    Joseph and Monica Galea

    • Hello Joseph,

      Apologies as I only just saw your post. The painting is still in the Hagar so it is not at my studio. Lovely to hear from you and so happy you are going to own this painting. You can contact me any time at 77771822. Once the museum reopens it will be available to you. Best Regards, Norma

      • Hello Joseph,
        As restrictions are lifting please call.me when you are coming over so we can arrange for you to get the painting.
        Thank you, Norma

  2. Hello Norma,

    I love your paintings. There are a couple I am interested in, however I do not live in Gozo – would you consider shipping your artwork internationally?
    Please let me know, many thanks


  3. Hello Mrs. Cili,

    We’ve met this afternoon, near Oosthem Friesland, where we were on our bikes. Had a nice chat, you were painting, my husband Theo and I were curious and interested.
    And so, after coming home in Sneek, we visited your website. Your work is beautiful.

    Enjoy your stay in Friesland. Maybe we’ll meet again someday.

    Kind regards,
    Theo en Truida

  4. Lovely style, colours and subjects Norma. Thanks for letting us share your picture of the DBA Veurne rally in our Blue Flag magazine.

    A friendly website to visit and I like the way you’ve categorised your work in many ways to find subjects of interest.

    • Thank you Chris for your thoughtful and very nice feedback. I am delighted that you will include my painting of the rally in the Blue Flag magazine.

      My Best Regards,

  5. Hey Norma en Tim, wish you a happy and healthy 2022!
    The gouache is real precious to us in our livingroom, are enjoying it!
    Hope to see you again, in Harlingen or another place on earth..
    Warm greetings, Nico and Willemke

    • Happy New Year Nico and Will! So very nice to hear from you! I love that you enjoy your painting so much! Be safe and would love to see you anywhere and any time.
      Hugs to you both! Norma and Tim

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