Mt Rose Reflections

Mt Rose reflections from Regan Beach

Today it was 38 degrees cool as I stood in the snow for this one. The sun had warmth in it making it more comfortable than yesterday’s shade. The Mt. Rose reflections in Lake Tahoe waters was quite beautiful. Tim and I have spent more than a few evenings on this bench watching the sun set. 12X16 oil on canvas board.

Regan plein air Mt Rose

Regan Beach Boathouse

Regan beach boathouse

It was a balmy 40 degrees, but as usual a gorgeous Tahoe day. I have wanted to paint this boathouse for ages. While it stands on a snowy beach due to the low lake level, I sat in the park where many weddings take place annually. No wonder why with that view! Just as my fingers hit the frozen mark I was done. It may have been coincidence but probably not. Just read an article about painting smaller to capture the essence of a scene and thought that sounded like a good idea. Trying to keep my colors fresher. 8X10 oil on canvas panel.

Regan beach boathouse pleinair