Genoa in the shadow of the Carson Range


Painted in Genoa yesterday. It was settled by Mormans, the oldest and 1st town in Nevada. The day was very windy with no shelter or umbrella. I had to weigh down the easel and stabilize it with one hand. Weeks ago I had seen this sight on a drive and had to go back to paint it. Also got paint on my lens so the scene photo is a bit blurry. Oil on gallery wrapped canvas 16″ X 20″.

Jobs Peak

It was just after mid-day when I painted Jobs Peak looking out from Genoa and River Fork Ranch, Nevada. A bit bright at that time of day but I was able to complete it just the same. Love the views from this town and will head back once the weather gets a bit better post latest atmospheric river. I am trying to loosen up my style to challenge myself a bit more. 12″ X 16″ oil on linen.