Sugar Pine

Sugar Pine

Day 3

Sugar Pine plein air

Day 3 – 4. It was snowing at DL Bliss and the mountain top was almost not visible when I had to stop painting yesterday. I sat near my car with my umbrella up to protect my palette from the moisture but had to abandon the painting and come back to finish it on day 4. Click on this wordpress article to see all the photos. 16″ X 12″ oil on linen.

Farmer’s Market Tahoe City Quick Draw

Farmer's Mkt Tahoe City

Plein air Farmer's Mkt

Quick Draw

Day 4. We had a two hour quick draw at the Tahoe City Farmer’s Market off Commons Beach. It was fun and fast! I did it to challenge myself more than anything. Twenty three artists participated. Click on this wordpress article to see the paintings lined up and some of the artists, as we waited to hear the judging. 12″ X 16″ oil on linen.

Windy Meadow

Windy Meadow

Windy Plein air

Very windy at South Lake Tahoe. I had to cut my 1st day short returning today to finish with even higher wind gusts. This past week has been the week of painting Mt Tallac which really intrigued me. This time of year the snow cross is most visible but soon will melt as the summer heat increases. 12″ X 16″ oil on linen.