Light on the Onion Field

Early evening light cast a beautiful yellow glow on this onion field. The limestone blocks separate fields on one side and rubble walls on the other. The windmills pump water to the fields. These little huts hold the farmers tools. Gouache on hot pressed paper 10 1/4″ x 7″.

Light on the Onion Field 7″ x 10 1/4″ gouache

3 thoughts on “Light on the Onion Field”

  1. 20/3/22
    I saw the Phoenicia exhibition. I am very impressed, viewing your paintings was a pleasure, and I will re-visit. I particularly loved “Light on the onion field” which I would like to purchase.
    Your perception of the maltese countryside and landscape is most unusual, your use of contrasting vibrant colours is awe inspiring. You manage to maintain a balance between all those riotous hues and achieve an invigorating but relaxing effect, well done.

    • Hello Arthur, Very lovely compliments on this painting from you. I so appreciate how you saw the painting, very much as I tried to capture the scene. I look forward to meeting you next Sunday. My best regards, Norma

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