Golden Gate Bridge from Marin

Marin Headlands GGB

Plein air GGB

It was a gorgeous warm day yesterday at the Marin Headlands, part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area looking across to San Francisco. This was a scene well overdue to be painted, as I have lived here since 1981! Got to speak with people from France, Australia, Philippines and locals at this heavily visited location that was saved in the 1960’s for all to enjoy. I am so lucky  to live in this paradise! 12″ X 16″ Oil on linen.

One thought on “Golden Gate Bridge from Marin”

  1. I want to paint the Golden Gate from these hills! I was researching what other artists have done and looking at trails online (I am from Vacaville) and I came across your blog. I am so thrilled to see your paintings. They look beautifully transient as if you are truly painting an experience and not just a scene! Thank you for blogging and publishing everything online for us to see. I am inspired to get out there and paint plein air.

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